fall(sss) exists across a designated physical location and online at www.fallsss.xyz.
It uses the time of sunrise and sunset specific to the location to generate a space where movements of decrease and decline are explored against the backdrop of an algorithmically coded, gradually changing, colourfield.

Currently it is in the process of becoming a space where invited guests can experiment with this idea and environment to collaboratively think and feel through falls.

Past: Hirvitalo - Pispalan nykytaiteen keskus (Center of Contemporary Art Pispala), Tampere, Finland, 13 July - 1 August 2019

Present: London, UK,

Project by Yoojin Lee
Made possible by the collaboration with and technical support of developer Youngjun Lee and artist/noisemaker Giuseppe Termine

The local position of the Sun is calculated using the mathematical methods described here and here. Javascript libraries HSLuv, Howler.js, seedrandom.js were used.